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The Four Kings Casino & Slots is a living, breathing world that is constantly evolving with new events, clothing, and games. At The Four Kings Casino & Slots you can play at your own pace. You can socialize and play at low limit tables, or you can work your way into. Four Kings Casino and Slots for Xbox Thoughts. TXH - May 21, 2019. The Four King Casino and Slots is a social MMO that lets you immerse yourself in a. Double Pug Switch Review – Jump.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots is an online gambling game available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. This game promises a lot, especially as it’s free: it takes players on a journey into a virtual casino where a wealth of classic casino games are available to play.

Don’t go in expecting it to be as the exciting Casumo Casino, which offers thousands of games. On real online casinos like Casumo, the options are almost endless, and creating a game based on that many games is nearly impossible. But, this game offers a different (but equally impressive) experience. You can actually walk around this online casino and browse what’s available — a true virtual casino experience. But is it actually good? We’ll take a closer look below.


The visuals in The Four Kings Casino and Slots are something of a mixed bag. The overall look of the casino is smooth. The surfaces and textures are fine and considering it’s a free-to-play title, the characters look great.

There is a lag issue when making your way around the casino, though, so it’s not a full virtual reality experience. This can actually take you out of the moment and makes switching between the games a bit of a chore, as it can take quite a while to move from one to another.

However, the visuals for the games themselves are a lot smoother. It’s almost as though the developers spent most of their time making sure the games were high quality and devoted only a small amount to ensure the casino navigation is smooth. This means that the important aspects of the game look great, but the laggy movement can be a bit frustrating.


It should be noted that The Four Kings Casino and Slots isn’t a real money casino game, but that doesn’t stop it from ramping up the tension. Online gambling is growing in popularity at the moment, and the developers have obviously taken note of this by offering a comparable experience.

Players can try slots, Blackjack, Poker, Keno, Bingo, and more when playing The Four Kings Casino and Slots. It’s a comprehensive range, meaning that all kinds of players can find something to enjoy in this game. Although it’s free to play, you do have to wait in order to earn chips to play with if you run out.

The game pays players $250 in chips every 15 minutes. That’s not a long period of time to wait, but it can become annoying if you lose regularly. This is why it’s important to take your time with your bets and not get so excited that you throw in huge wagers. The game gives you tips on managing your bankroll as you play, though, so it does try to help you.

On the whole, the quality of individual games is very good. As is typical with most free-to-play games, The Four Kings Casino and Slots can increase the difficulty level at times to try and get you to pay for chips. Generally, though, if you’re a good player you will be able to keep your chips at a steady level.

As this is an online game, The Four Kings Casino and Slots offers players the opportunity to play against other users. One of the best games for multiplayer gaming at The Four Kings Casino and Slots is Poker.

This allows players to play against others, and a free version is available if you have used all of your chips. Even the free version offers a small prize for players who win, so it’s well worth entering this game just for the chance to boost your bankroll without having to sacrifice any of your funds.

Pay to Play? Pay to Win?

Even though The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a ‘freemium’ game, you don’t have to pay in order to enjoy the game. You can play for a long time and build up a bigger bankroll without ever paying for additional chips. The $250 awarded every 15 minutes also means that there is a regular supply of cash coming your way. That helps to make it one of the better free games out there.

Players can also pay for VIP status when playing The Four Kings Casino and Slots. This basically unlocks the opportunity to customize your own avatar and to enter the VIP area. However, the VIP area isn’t really shown on the standard casino floor, so there’s no feeling of missing out if you decide not to pay to get in there.

This does make the VIP mode superficial rather than a crucial addition. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t buy it: if you enjoy the game and want to support the developers, this is a great way to do that. But if you want to just play for free, you won’t be missing out too much either. Overall, The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a very enjoyable free-to-play game and well worth a try.

Who knew you could explore your casino floor using only a mouse and keyboard?

The four kings casino and slots

It’s now possible to enter the adrenaline-fueled world of casinos, without the fuss of having to leave your home. Digital Leisure has launched a social online multiplayer casino gaming portal that sees players become seasoned customers at The Four Kings Casino. Using free chips to spend on your favorite casino games, you can build up your bankroll and use your bankroll to customize your avatar and create a unique persona.

Choose from a host of character models, clothing styles and outfits as well as gaming environments to suit your mood. Where Digital Leisure well and truly excels is their ability to incorporate the ambient sounds that people come to expect from exploring a busy casino floor, without being too intrusive to your gameplay. It’s quite astounding that the developers have gone to such lengths as creating different background noises for walking on carpeted and hard casino floors.

Given that The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, players can mold their storylines throughout, utilizing their in-game rewards and progressing through the ranks of the casino toward VIP “high-roller” status. Regarding gameplay, each casino game features a design and presentation such that it is easy for beginners to pick up and play yet professional enough for seasoned gamblers to enjoy. As well as all the table games you can think of — such as blackjack, craps and roulette — there are a host of video slots that you can choose to play in this rich social virtual world too, many of which are inspired by the best slot titles of 2018 and beyond.

All the players that are top-ranked at the end of each “season” in The Four Kings Casino receive in-game rewards. These seasons last approximately three months and the No. 1 ranked player will also have their avatar’s face placed in the game’s “Hall of Fame.” Ideally, players need an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM to play The Four Kings Casino and Slots with ease. An NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, Radeon HD 7950 or equivalent-rated graphics card is also recommended for the best possible visual experience.

As a free-to-play casino sim MMO game, there is little not to like about The Four Kings Casino. Though it might not be as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as MMO shooters like Steamcraft, the attention to detail for a free MMO game deserves applauding. The game also offers plentiful opportunities to regain some chips for free on the poker and bingo games even if you bust your bankroll.

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