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  • Hammer A Machine - To hammer a machine is slot player slang for playing the same slot for a long period of time, usually in an attempt to win a large progressive jackpot.
  • English slang words beginning with S. This extensive slang dictionary, first published in 1996, presents slang & informal expressions currently in use in the UK, listing over 5000 slang expressions.
  • The word 'sloth' is a translation of the Latin term acedia (Middle English, acciditties) and means 'without care'.Spiritually, acedia first referred to an affliction to women, religious persons, especially monks, wherein they became indifferent to their duties and obligations to God.


a gambling machine operated by inserting coins into a slot and pulling a handle that activates a set of spinning symbols on wheels, the final alignment of which determines the payoff that is released into a receptacle at the bottom.

A derogatory term for an insurgent fighter who trended to be black. Originated with Rhodesian military personnel in Rhodesia (currently Zimbabwe) during the Rhodesian Bush War. The term arises from how insurgents would flop down dead when shot. A long, narrow hole, especially one for putting coins into or for fitting a separate piece into: I put my money in the slot and pressed the button but nothing came out. The holder has slots for 100 CDs.

any machine operated by inserting coins into a slot, as a vending machine.



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slotback, slot car, sloth, sloth bear, slothful, slot machine, slot racer, slot racing, slotted spoon, slotter, slouch UnabridgedBased on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

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vending machine, one-armed bandit, coin machine, fruit machine, slots

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  • I was working at the slot-machine, and I heard her sniff behind me as she hung up her mirror on the window-frame.

  • I got a wire hairpin and went over to the slot-machine, but when I had finally dug out the money I could hardly see it for tears.

  • He sauntered over and dropped a quarter into the slot-machine by the door, but the thing was frozen up and refused to work.

  • 'You might see if you can get the slot-machine empty,' I said.

  • How can any one be flattered by the saccharine platitudes which are ground out automatically like chewing-gum from a slot-machine?

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a machine, esp one for selling small articles or for gambling, activated by placing a coin or metal disc in a slot
Slot slang define means
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slot in

1. Literally, to place, fit, or insert something into a narrow opening. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between 'slot' and 'in.' You just slot in the coins and press 'Start' to begin the game.He slotted the book in alongside the others on the shelf.The talented winger slotted in the pass right between the defenders and into position for his teammate to score the winning goal.
2. To be able to fit in and work very well as a part of some existing group. So far the new project manager has slotted in really well here.A lot people had doubts about her ability to replace the team's venerated goaltender, but she slotted in brilliantly straight away.
Slot slang define words
3. To merge or blend harmoniously in tandem with something. Thankfully, the job slots in pretty well with my undergraduate studies.Her research slotted in with a prevailing theory among paleontologists.
4. To make time for someone or (to do) something between other previously arranged engagements or appointments. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between 'slot' and 'in.' I know that the masseuse is particularly busy on Saturday, but I may be able to slot you in sometime after lunch.I'm trying to slot in a yoga class on Monday between my two major business meetings. I find that it really helps keep me calm and focused.


Slot slang define meaning
slang The gambling game that is played on a slot machine, or slot machines themselves. I'm no good at card games, so I usually stick to slots whenever we're in Vegas.I'll be over feeding the slots if you need me.
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n. slots machines. (Usually plural.) He won three large just on the slots.
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