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LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Online sports betting and casino games will start in Michigan at noon Friday, an expansion of options for gamblers who now wager through offshore sites.

State regulators have authorized licenses for all three Detroit casinos and seven of the dozen tribes with “Class III” casinos. Additional operator and platform provider licenses are expected to be approved in coming weeks.

Michigan Gaming Control Board Executive Director Richard Kalm this week called the launch a “new era,” saying it will give casinos an additional way to engage with customers and provide state and local governments with extra tax revenue.

Large players in the U.S. mobile gambling market such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM are launching apps and enticing people age 21 and older with deals to sign up. Big sporting events this weekend including the AFC and NFC championship games and a UFC bout featuring start Conor McGregor.

Sports and internet gambling were legalized under a law enacted more than a year ago, before the coronavirus pandemic struck. Casinos began accepting in-person sports wagers in March but had to wait for the creation of a licensing system for online operations, which have taken on increased significance amid state-ordered shutdowns or capacity restrictions at casinos to curb COVID-19.

Live dealer online casinos, as the name would suggest, are casinos that offer live dealer games! These are live dealer gambling sites offering casino games that make it feel as if you’re playing inside of a land-based casino instead of just playing an online game. From the famous Games of pure Chance like Slot Machines to the more strategic card games like Blackjack or Baccarat, is the perfect place to get started learning how to start to play the best online casino games of 2021. Try our Free online Casino Games ».

“It’s clear to us that there’s incredible demand among Michiganders for at least sports betting. But my expectation is that online casino and in due course poker will be equally popular,” said BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt. His company’s app — previously launched in 10 states — is connected to MGM Resorts, including the Detroit casino and hotel.

Greenblatt said the state’s 8.4% online sports betting tax is “very sensible,” allowing licensed operators to compete with offshore sites.

“You’ve got a group of players who have long been betting offshore. We would like to see them bring their play back on shore,” he said. He said there will be minimal if any “cannibalization” of business from players who typically visit casinos but instead will play on the internet.

“We see an expansion of the market — so new players coming in to enjoy our product,” Greenblatt said, adding that MGM, like other casinos, will incentivize online gamblers to redeem rewards points by visiting onsite.

Casinos offering online games like blackjack will pay a tax of between 20% and 28%, depending on their amount of adjusted gross receipts. Net new annual revenues to the state and Detroit, which has commercial casinos, are projected to total $18.6 million and $13.7 million respectively, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

The money will go to the state’s school aid fund, which covers public schools. It also will be earmarked to a state fund that compensates first responders for lost wages and medical benefits if they get cancer from fighting fires.

Municipalities with tribal casinos will receive a portion of tax revenues, too.

Noting of flurry of internet gambling and sports betting ads in recent weeks, state Attorney General Dana Nessel urged potential online gamblers to read the fine print before signing up.

“In some instances, site users may be required to spend or deposit a certain amount of money into an account before receiving their free play credits, and users should make themselves aware of such conditions so they are not taken off guard,” she said.

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On this page we’re going to explain exactly what to look for in a live dealer online casino. We’ll also discuss what separates online casinos from land-based casinos. Of course, some of you may want to jump straight into the betting process.

Below are some of the very best online casino sites that offer live dealer games. Feel free to check them out today.

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  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
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  • High end game graphics
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Live dealer online casinos, as the name would suggest, are casinos that offer live dealer games! These are live dealer gambling sites offering casino games that make it feel as if you’re playing inside of a land-based casino instead of just playing an online game. There’s a real-life dealer connected via video stream that collects your wagers and pays out winnings.

Best Live Dealer Online Casinos

Every single year, the popularity of online casino gambling grows. Casino websites continue to improve, and most games are now available to play over the internet. In recent years, a huge number of individuals have started playing at live dealer online casinos.

Today, there are many fantastic live dealer casino sites available throughout the country. With so many to choose from, some gamblers have a difficult time picking which one to join. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with that!

Play Casino Online Casino Slots

How We Determine the Best Live Dealer Online Casinos

Competition in the US online casino industry has never been higher. Every live dealer casino website that’s operating today is working to outdo the others. Due to this fact, now is one of the best times ever to try casino gambling in the United States.

Of course, not every single casino website in this country is good. In fact, some have gained reputations for being a little shady. It’s important to be able to understand what separates a good site casino site from a bad one.

Our team of gambling experts has a unique system to determine the best live dealer online casinos. We focus on finding safe online casinos that provide all the basic features that you would expect from a casino website. Below are four of the main features that we feel all honest casino websites should offer.

Safe Payment Options

The first thing that we make sure a casino site provides before recommending is a safe payment system. Nothing is more important than ensuring a player’s money is safe. Today, the best live dealer online casinos offer several different payment options.

Most will allow deposits to be made using all major credit cards. Withdrawal options differ from site to site, yet many only allow these payouts to be made using Bitcoin. Fees for deposits and withdrawals should below.

Word spreads fast in the online gambling industry and any sites caught withholding payments from members are blacklisted extremely quickly. To make things easy, feel free to check out all of the live dealer casino websites that we’ve listed at the top of this page. Each one is known for offering their members safe payment systems.

Helpful Customer Support Options

An effective customer support system might not seem like the most important feature of an online casino. In reality, though, this is absolutely critical for casino websites to offer. We make sure to only push sites that are always available to help their members out.

The majority of US states do not regulate their internet casino industries. That means officials in this state have no way to provide support for online casino gamblers. You will need to rely on the sites that you play at to help you out.

The best sites will offer a live chat feature. This allows you to speak directly with website representatives using a chat box. Live dealer online casinos that only provide email support are not recommended.

Wide Range of Live Dealer Games

The last thing that we look into is the number and quality of gambling options available. Nowadays, it’s common to find online casino sites offering thousands of different games every single day. Some websites are known to focus on more specific games than others.


It’s fairly easy to see which sites offer the best live dealer games. Many websites allow their players to check out the full list of gambling options available before even signing up. Some even let you sample play these games before you’ve become a member.

The best internet casinos offer a huge range of different live dealer games. The quality of the video stream should be fantastic and the betting process should be simple.

These three features are hugely important in all live dealer casinos online. You can rest assured knowing the websites that we recommend offer these three qualities.

Live Dealer Casino Sites vs. Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos have operated in the United States for more than a century. The US has a rich history of casino gambling and most of the states here allow traditional casinos to operate. Recently, however, online casinos have started to become more popular than brick and mortar gambling venues.

There are some similarities, obviously. Both live dealer online casinos and land-based casinos offer gambling options to members. The real reason why online casinos have grown so popular is the convenience that they offer.

More people are beginning to realize how easy online gambling really is. These sites allow you to gamble from anywhere with an internet connection. Many also offer fantastic mobile gambling options, meaning you’re able to make bets on the go, using your smartphone!

Online casino casino games 2021 online

Traditional land-based casinos will always be popular. This is especially true in places like Las Vegas, where some of the greatest casinos in the world are located.

It’s the convenience of online live dealer casinos that’s helping them grow so popular. No one can really say that one is better than another.

Feel free to check out some of the live dealer online casinos that we recommend at the top of this page and compare what they offer to what your local casino provides. You may be surprised at the results.

What Games Are Available at Live Dealer Online Casinos?

It’s incredible to see how many different online gambling options are available through casino websites. Just a few years ago, many of these online casinos only provided a few basic games like blackjack and poker. Today, you can find just about every single casino game offered through these gambling sites. Games such as live dealer roulette, live dealer baccarat, live dealer poker, and more.

Below is a quick description of some popular live dealer casino games and how they differ from normal online casino games.

Live Dealer Blackjack Games

Blackjack remains the most popular casino game in the world. It’s offered in just about every single casino in the country. Many online casino sites recognize how popular this game is and have begun offering live dealer blackjack options to their members.

Live dealer blackjack works the exact same way that it does in a land-based casino, only the dealer is connected via video stream to collect your bets. He lays out the cards the same way you would expect. It’s incredibly simple.

Live Dealer Baccarat Games

Baccarat is similar, in some ways, to blackjack and sometimes offers even more opportunities to win big. Live dealer baccarat has been growing hugely popular over the past couple of years and is available through most of the top live dealer online casinos.

There are a variety of different online baccarat options being offered nowadays. Traditional online baccarat is still the most popular, yet many are now choosing to play fun versions such as Punto Bunco, Baccarat Banque, and more.

Live Dealer Roulette Games

Online casino casino games 2021 online

Roulette is another beloved game. On the surface, it looks incredibly simple, yet there are a variety of different wagering options within the game that can earn you some serious money. There are some that are skeptical of regular online roulette due to the fact that they cannot see the ball spinning in the wheel for themselves.

Live dealer roulette, however, offers exactly the same level of assurance that regular casinos do. You’re able to see, by video, the ball being dropped into the wheel and watch if it lands on a number.

These are the three most popular live dealer online casino games. That doesn’t mean they are the only options, though. The top casino sites also offer popular games such as live poker, live craps, and more.

Online Casinos Casino Games

FAQs About Online Casino Live Dealer Games

It shouldn’t be difficult finding a fantastic live dealer casino site. Today, there are a huge number of fantastic websites that are offering these games available throughout the entire country. Feel free to check out the sites that we recommend at the top of this page. Each one is fantastic!

Are Live Dealer Casino Games Easier Than Normal Online Casino Games?

Not necessarily. Playing casino games with a live dealer won’t increase your chances of winning. Many do believe that having a real-life dealer to collect your bets does make the betting process a little easier, though.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing Live Dealer Casino Games Online?

Online Casino Casino Games 2021 Download

That all depends on you! Almost none of the best live dealer casinos online set limits on how much money their players can win. The way you gamble and the amount of money that you wager will determine how much money you win.

Over the past few years, a huge number of US states have taken steps to legalize and regulate their gambling industries. The specific legality of live dealer casino gambling differs from state to state. The majority of states allow this form of gambling. Only a few have laws that outright ban online gambling.

What Are the Best Types of Online Live Dealer Games?

Everyone has their own gambling preferences. Some claim blackjack is the best game and others love baccarat. There’s no way to say which live dealer casino games are the best. Spend some time playing different games and decide for yourself which game is the best!


The US online casino industry is getting better every single year. As a result, more unique gambling options such as live dealer games are becoming available. Make sure to check out a few different sites to see the different options that are now available.

Good luck with your bets!