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The 80/20 budget and the 50/30/20 budget both advocate savings rates of 20%, but under these budgets, 'savings' included debt pay-down. In this five-category budget, your savings and debt are listed as two separate categories. Responding to COVID-19 economic crisis, revised L.A. County budget includes program cuts and potential layoffs In the wake of the unprecedented economic crisis sparked by COVID-19, Los Angeles County’s 2020-21 Final Changes budget includes a wide range of curtailments affecting virtually every County department. We present the following proposed priorities for the City of Los Angeles 2020-21 budget. This report was created through a participatory public process. You can also explore the data by race, gender, sexuality, employment status and council district.NOTE: The 2nd Edition of the People's Budget Report is up!

Why bother to create a personal or family budget?

Take charge of your finances with Mint’s online budget planner. Our free budget tracker helps you understand your spending for a brighter financial future. Jan 18, 2021 Empower is an online banking and budgeting app that combines budgeting, building up your savings and direct financial assistance. There is a small monthly fee to use the app, but it packs a lot of.

Budget Calculator
  • Calculates expense to income ratio.
  • Calculates total & percentage spent in each of 7 categories.
  • Save your inputs for later use.

Answers the question, 'Where does the money go?'

First, at its simplest, a budget is the tool you use to know if you will spend more than you earn. To create a budget, you project your income and then deduct your estimated expenses. The budget calculator makes this calculation a snap. Just provide values for the pertinent inputs and click on the 'Calc' button. That's all there is to it. Check out the Summary section for the results.

If the income is higher than the expenses, congratulate yourself. You're at least on the right track. However, if the expenses are higher than the income, then eventually some adjustments will need to be made.

You might be saying, 'I don't need a budget calculator to know if I'm spending more than I'm earning.' That's probably is right. But there's another, even more, important use for a budget.

Budgets help us reach our goals.

The budget calculator shows the percentage each category is relative to total expenses. If you have a goal to save for the down payment for a home, the calculator will show you where you can consider making adjustments so that you can reach your goal.

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L online budget software
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Related: The Budget Calculator included in SolveIT! for Windows will compare up to 12 monthly budgets and let you save your entries to a disk file. You'll also be able to compare actual spending with what you had budgeted. With SolveIT!, you can also change the labels for the inputs to customize the calculation to meet your needs.

Ultimate Investment Calculator
  • Flexible. Solve for many unknowns.
  • Optionally considers inflation, taxes and/or fees
  • Calculates what's required to reach a goal
  • Creates either investment(+) or income(-) schedules
Retirement Calculator

Are you on track?

  • Considers pre and post retirement cash flows
  • Allows for multiple income sources
  • Factor in inflation - Yikes!

What is a Budget Calculator Used For?

Simply put, a budget calculator let's you answer that famous question, 'Where did all the money go?'. Our Budget Calculator also calculates expense groups as a percentage of total expenses. It may be reasonable to have 30% of your expenses go to 'Shelter'. It probably would not be such a good idea if your 'Recreation Expenses' were also 30%.

The budget calculator in SolveIT! also lets you compare projected budgets to actual income and expenses. You'll also be able to save your entries for later use and create budgets and reports which span and summarize an entire year (if you desire).

Budget Forms are documents that will enable an individual to monitor his income and debts. The form may also be used for business and government related organizations. This aids in providing information about the released amount of cash for a specific activity. Also, having a budget form helps in preparing the annual financial statements of a company.


There are two types of budget sheet forms that emphasize different purposes: Program Budget Form and Line Item Budget Form. The Program Budget form centers on budgeting for a program as a whole while the latter targets on the purchase of specifically itemized goods and services.

Line Item Grant Budget Form

L Online Budget

Line Item Budget Format

Line Item Budget Form in PDF

Operational Funding Line-Item Budget Form

What is a Line Item Budget Format?

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A Line Item Budget Format is commonly known as the Traditional Budgeting Scheme. This highlights the past and the future budget plans of a company. The format shows simple and reliable data when comparing the company’s expenditures. With the help of this format, justifying the flaws and the strategies will be easier due to its ability in viewing the information from the previous years. Using this form is not limited to businesses and corporations, an individual may also have it for personal expenses. But, to be specific, use our Sample Personal Budget Forms

How to Create a Line Item Budget

L Online Budget Online

Here are four simple steps in creating a line item budget:

  • Choose your format. You will have to decide between using a table or just lines that will correspond each item.
  • Indicate the date. This is important so that you can compare your data in the future.
  • Group them together. Simply gather a list of your income and your expenses.
  • Have your total. Calculate the income and expenses separately and indicate below the total amount of each group.

A budget form may differ in appearance depending on where it is used, even in households. Sample Household Budget Forms have simpler formats compared to a Line Item Budget. It states the bills, members of the households’ income and the spent amount for daily needs.

L Online Budget Software

Line Item Budget Form Example

Line Item Budget Request Form

Free Line Item Sample Budget Form

Line Item Budget Form in Word Format

Line Item Budget Form Sample

What is the purpose of a line item budget?

L Online Budget Calculator

The main purpose of having a line item budget is to compare, regulate and account expenditures of the previous year with the current total. In small enterprises, the budget is usually smaller. Having a line item budget helps encourage the company to spend only for those essential materials and not on the unnecessary entities.

Another function for this type of budgeting is that it allows the company to monitor cash flow projections to see if their finances are gaining or losing profit. When fully analyzed, the budget will become an aspect of planning future activities and projects to lessen unexpected shortfalls. An organization may compute their budget and record it daily, monthly, quarterly or annually. Monthly computations are more vital than doing a daily inventory of the company’s budget. You may also use our Sample Monthly Budget Forms to aid you in granting the sum of your cash spent per month.

Budgeting may also be used for events such as parties and weddings. Our Sample Wedding Budget Forms contain every bit of detail needed from the church ceremony to the reception area. To view samples of this form, click on the highlighted texts and choose what you prefer for ringing the wedding bells.

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