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Check out our Semi-Custom Tiki Kings Poker Chips! Casino quality full color ceramic poker chips. High-density, single composition material. Casino size and weight (39mm and 10g). 300 Kings Casino Poker Chip Set. The King's Casino Poker Chips are a 4 color clay chip that is 14 grams in weight. These chips have a nice solid heavy feel to them. There are 12 colors with denimation from 25 cents up to $10,000. The graphics on each chip feature the king of various suits from playing cards.

The Kings Casino poker chips are quality clay poker chips with a weight of 14 grams. These chips feature a king and denomination on both sides of the chip. The Kings Casino poker chips are available in 12 colors/denominations. You may purchase them in 25 chip bundles.

Welcome to! For over 80 years TR King & Company produced dice, gaming equipment and the most amazing casino and poker chips. In August 2006 they closed their doors and stopped production. This website is not affiliated with that great American company but is however a tribute site for the company and it's products. Find out more about the history of TR King here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who was T. R. King or what does it stand for?

A. The TR stands for Teddy Roosevelt and the King part is for the crown style molds they used for their chips.

Tiki kings poker chips

Tiki Kings Poker Chips

Q. What chip molds did they produce?

A. TR King is probably best known for their 'small crown' (aka scrown) and their large crown (lcrown) molds. In the early days they used the 'Square-Square-Rectangle' and the 'Chain' molds. They also made the 'GN' house mold for chip issues 6 through 12, excluding the 10th, for the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.

Q. What year did TR King start?

A. It depends who you ask! The original website says they started business in 1922 but their chip boxes say 1924. There are also sources that claim 1923 was the first year and a few that say 1925 was when it all started.


Ace King Poker Chips

Sold Out$39.95

Here is our great deal on a deluxe executive-style locking Aluminum Poker Case with 300 11.5 gram composite Kings poker chips. This heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum poker case has been redesigned with ribbed surfaces and rounded corners for a stronger reinforced frame structure. Don't be fooled by lower quality cases. We have taken great care to ensure this case has the upgraded strength where required. The set includes 300 11.5-gram heavy-weight 39mm composite poker chips. They feature a classic 8 stripe pattern wrapping around the face and edge of the chip in an alternate color. The inlay on the face of each chip is a satin textured finish.

Package includes:

  • Deluxe aluminum poker case
  • 2 Decks of cards
  • 5 dice
  • 300 Total 11.5 gram composite Kings chips
  • (120) $1
  • (90) $5
  • (60) $25
  • (30) $100

Measures 15 x 8 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

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KingKings Poker ChipsKings crown poker chips

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