How To Check Faulty Ram Slot

I have a late 2011 15' MacBook Pro that at the end of 2016 had the logic board replaced under the GPU replacement program. So the Logic board is 7 months old. The computer is in great condition, never dropped or misused. Randomly the machine wouldn't start and it was giving me the three beeps, signaling a RAM issue. I tried reseating, replacing, cleaning the sticks and the slots. Nothing. Then I used just one stick and it worked. The bottom slot (when the computer is laying on its lid) is faulty and is not allowing the machine to boot, it'll only boot with one stick installed in the slot closest to the back case. What can I do to make both work? Or is one 8Gb stick a good option, will it perform as if there were two 4Gb sticks (Im worried that if one slot has went bad that the other will too.)? I'm very upset that a virtually new logic board is having this issue and that apple refuses to work on it because it is 'too old'.

There are 4 memory slots on the motherboard - 2 white and 2 black. I have 2 x 256 MB memory cards. According to the Owner's Manual, the first memory card should be in the white slot closest to the CPU (which it is) and then the second in the second white slot (which doesn't seem to be working now). If you're having issues with a ram slot on your motherboard here's the troubleshooting steps I'd take. Removal all the ram expect one stick. Test each ram slot with one stick of ram at a time and see if itll boot into whatever OS you're using. If you pass that test it's likely you had a bad stick of ram.

How to test bad ram slot

Replacing the logic board is a way to costly option, so not really an option.

How To Check Faulty Ram Slot
  1. How to Test RAM With Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool The next easiest way to test your memory is with Windows 10 's built-in Memory Diagnostic tool. Search for 'Windows Memory Diagnostic' in your.
  2. I found out because I tried to upgrade. The RAM slot didn't even allow the RAM stick to lock. Of course the warranty is up. I reconmmend you all check you second RAM slots and or try to upgrade RAM before the 1 year warranty is up if you find out the RAM slot are faulty they won't replace the motherboard or computer after the year.
  3. 1) Ok you get the ram and you try each stick in the apparent dead slot. The sticks are tested and known to be good. 2) If it still appears dead, boot the PC with a stick in the good slot and clear your CMOS, enter bios and 'load default Values' and reboot. Power down, remove the ram stick and try point 1) again.

Ive tried loosening the logic board screws, as some have said that that has helped the slot read the ram, nothing.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? What did you do. What do you recommend?


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How To Check If Ram Slot Is Faulty

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