D Casino Buffet

  1. Coeur D'alene Casino Buffet
  2. The D Casino Buffet

Buffet Must be at least 21 years of age. You’ll always find great food at JD’s Harvest Buffet. We offer a lagniappe of Southern favorites like gumbo, home-cooked vegetables, a huge variety of seafood and salads.

Please remember, prices and times change at any time, especially with HOLIDAYS
large conventions, and special events.

Medley Buffet
All prices listed are with Aliante Players Club Card
Breakfast: M-F 8a-10:30 $6.99+
Lunch: Mon-Thu 11a-4p $8.99 Fri 11a-3p $8.99+
Dinner: Sun-Thu 4p-8p $11.99+ Fri $24.99 Sat $17.99
BrunchL Sat-Sun 8a-3p $10.99+

The Buffet
Breakfast: Mon-Fri 7a-9a $24.99
Brunch: Mon-Fri 7a-3p $28.99 Sat-Sun 7a-3p $32.95+
Dinner: Mon-Thu 3p-10p $38.95+ Sat-Sun 3p-10p $43.99

Wild West Buffet:
Breakfast: 8a-10:30a $7.50
Lunch: Mon-Sat 11a-3p $9.25
Dinner: Mon, Tue, Thu 4p-8p $11.99 Fri-Sun, Wed: 13.50
Champagne Brunch: Sun 8a-3p $12.99

Frisco Buffet:
Breakfast: Fri-Sat 8a-10:30a $6.99-$8.39
Lunch: Mon-Sat 11a-3p $8.49-$10.19
Dinner: Sun-Tue. Thu 4p-8p $9.99-$11.99

Sterling Brunch
Sun 9:30a-2:30p $95

The Buffet at Bellagio:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 7a-11a $24.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-3:30p $27.99
Dinner: Mon-Thu 3p-10p $38.99 Fri-Sun $43.99
Brunch: Sat-Sun 7a-4p $33.99-$48.99
Kids 6-12 Years Old | Half Off

The Feast Gourmet Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 8a-11a $9.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-4p $12.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $15.99
Brunch: Sun: 8a-4p $15.99

Bacchanal Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-10a $29.99
Lunch: 10a-3p $39.99
Dinner: $54.99-$57.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch $49.99

Cannery Buffet:
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11a-4p $7.99 child $4.99
Dinner: Mon-Fri 4p-8p $11.99 child $6.99, Thu Seafood $17.99 child $10.99

Cannery Row Buffet:
Lunch: 11a-4p $8.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $11.99
Sat-Sun Brunch: 8:30a-4p $11.99

Circus Circus Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $12.99 children 4-12: $8.99
Lunch: 11a - 2p $13.99 children 4-12: $10.99
Dinner: 4:30p - 10p $15.99 children 4-12: $11.99

Round Table Buffet:
Breakfast: Daily: 7a-11a $14.99 children 5-11: $10.99
Lunch: Daily: 11a-3p $15.99 children 5-11: $11.99
Dinner: Daily: 3p-10p $19.99 children 5-11: $15.99

Festival Buffet
Lunch: Mon-Sat 11a-3p $7.99
Dinner: Mon-Sat: 4p-9p $10.99
Brunch: Sun 9a-4p $15.99

Festival Buffet
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11a-4p $7.99
Dinner: Mon-Thu 4p-9p $9.99, Fri: $14.99 Sat-Sun $9.99
Brunch: Sat-Sun 9a-4p $11.99<

Paradise Garden Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-2:30p $14.99
Lunch: 11a-4p $16.99
Dinner: 4p-10p $24.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 7a-3p

Paradise Buffet
Breakfast: 7a-10:30a $6.99
Lunch: 11a-3p $7.99
Sun-Mon, Thu Dinner: 4p-10p $13.99
Tue Seafood Dinner: 4p-10p $17.99
Wed Steak Dinner: 4p-10p $13.99
Champagne Brunch Sat-Sun 7a-3p $10.99

Gold Coast Ports O' Call Buffet
Breakfast: 7a-10a $5.99
Lunch: 11a-3p $7.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $11.99
Sunday Brunch: 8a-3p $10.99
Thursday Steak Night: 4p-9p $12.99

The Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-10:30a $9.99
Lunch: 10:30a-3:30p $10.99
Dinner: 3:30p-10p $17.99
Sat-Sun Brunch: 8a-3:30p $17.99
Fri-Sun Seafood Dinner: 3:30-10p $20.99

Feast Buffet:
Breakfast: 8a-11a $7.99
Lunch: 11a-2:30p $9.99
Dinner: 3:30p-10p $16.99
Sat-Sun Brunch: 8a-3:30p $16.99

Flavors, The Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Thu 6a-11a, Fri-Sat: $19.99 child 4-10 $10.99
Lunch: Fri: 11a-3p $21.99 child 4-10 $12.99
Dinner: Mon-Thu 4:30p-10p $25.99 child 4-10 $15.99, Fri-Sun: $27.99, $15.99
Sat-Sun Brunch: 10a-3p $24.99 child 4-10 $12.99

More The Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $14.99
Lunch: 11a-3p $15.99
Dinner: 3p-10p $19.49
Brunch: 7a-3p $19.99

Studio B Buffet:
Lunch: 11-2:30p $16.99 Child 5-8 $11.99
Dinner: 2:30p-8p Mon-Thu $24.99 Child 5-8 $17.99
Sat-Sun: Seafood Buffet 11a-/p $39.99 Child 5-8 $26.99

The Garden Court Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 7a-10:30a $6.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-3p $7.99
Dinner: 4p-10p Sun-Mon, Wed $10.99, Tue $13.99, Thu $13.99, Fri: $17.99, Sat $13.99
Champagne Brunch 7a-3p $10.99

Bayside Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 7a-11a $15.99 Child 5-12 $12.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-2:30p $19.99 Child 5-12 $13.99
Dinner: Daily: 4:45p-9:45p $27.99 Child 5-12 $20.99
Brunch: Sun: 7a-2:30p $24.99 Child 5-12 $20.99

MGM Grand Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $17.25 child 4-12 $11.99
Lunch: 11a-2:30p $19.99 child 4-12 $13.99
Dinner: 4:30p-9:30p $27.99 child 4-12 $19.99 Fri-Sat: $30.99 child 4-12 $24.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 9a-2:30p $24.99 child 4-12 $14.99

Breakfast: 7a-11a $14.95 Child 5-10 5
Lunch: 11a-3p $18.95 Child 5-10 $12.95
Dinner: 3p-10p $25.95 Child 5-10 $16.95
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 11a-3p $25.95

The Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11:30a $14.99 Child 5-10 $10.99
Lunch: 11:30a-3p $15.99 Child 5-10 $11.99
Dinner: 4p-10p $19.99 Child 5-10 $15.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 7a-3p $19.99 Child 5-+10 $15.99

The Feast Gourmet Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $7.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-4p $9.99
Dinner: 4p-10p $13.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch: 7a-4p $13.99

Fantasy Market Buffet:
Breakfast: 8a-10a
Lunch: 11a-3p
Dinner: 4p-9p
Sat-Sun: 8a-3p

Le Village Buffet:
Breakfast 7a-10a $15.99
Lunch: Mon-Sat: 10a-3:30p $18.99
Dinner: Mon-Fri: 3:30p-10p $24.99, Sat-Sun: $27.99
Sun Champagne Brunch: 10a-3p $27.99

Spice Market Buffet
Breakfast: 7a-11a
Lunch: 11a-3:3-p
Dinner: 4p-10p
Brunch: Sat-Sun: 11a-3p

Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-3p $3.49
Dinner: 3p-9p<

Rampart Buffet
Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-3p $9.99,
Dinner 4p-9p Mon-Wed ,Fri $13.99, Tue $18.99, Sat $15.99
Sunday Champagne Brunch: 9:30a-3p $14.99

Feast Buffet
Breakfast: 8a-10:45a $7.99
Lunch: 11a-2:30p $9.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $16.99
Brunch: Sat-Sun: 8a-2p $16.99

Carnival World Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 8a-11a $15.99
Lunch: Mon-Fri 11a-3:30p $17.99
Dinner: 3:30p-10p $24.99
Brunch: Sat-Sun: 8a-3:30p. $24.99
Village Seafood Buffet:
Dinner: Mon-Fri: 4p-10p, Sat-Sun: 3:30p-10p
Gaylord India Restaurant
Fri-Sun Brunch: 11:30a-2:30p
Fri-Sun Dinner: 5p-11p

Firelight Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $7.49
Lunch: Mon-Thu 11a-3p Fri 11a-2p $8.49
Dinner: Mon-Thu $11.99 Sat-Sun 4p-9p $13.99 Fri 3p-9p $18.99
Sat-Sun Champagne Brunch 8a-3p $11.49

Feast Buffet
Breakfast: Mon-Sat: 8a-11a $7.99
Lunch: Mon-Sat: 11a-4p $9.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $13.99
Sun Brunch: 8a-4p $13.99

Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11a-3p
Dinner: Mon-Wed, Thu, Sat 4p-8p $20.99 Thu: 4p-9p $22.99
Specialty Diner: Fri-Sat 4p-10p $16.99
Specialty Brunch: Sat-Sun 9a-3p $17.99

The Courtyard Buffet
Brunch: 7a-2p
Dinner: 4p-10p Sun-Fri
Champagne Brunch Sat-Sun 7a-4p

St. Tropez International Buffet

Breakfast: 8a-10:30a $6.99
Lunch: 11a-3p $8.99
Dinner: 4p-8p $12.99
Sun Brunch 8a-3p, 3p-8p $12.99

Feast Buffet:
Breakfast: 8a-11a $7.99
Lunch: Mon-Sat: 11a-3p $9.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $13.99|
Brunch: Sun: 8a-4p $13.99

Feast Around the World Buffet:
Breakfast: Mon-Fri: 8a-11a $7.99
Lunch: Mon-Sat: 11a-4p $9.99
Dinner: 4p-9p $13.99
Brunch: Sun 8a-4p $13.99

French Market Buffet:
Breakfast: 8a-10a $7.99
Lunch: 11a-3p $8.99
Dinner: 4p-10p $13.95-$18.99
Sunday Brunch: 8a-3p $14.99

The Buffet:
Breakfast: 7a-11a $14.95
Lunch: 11a-4p $17.95
Dinner: 4p-10:30p $22.95 Fri-Sun $25.95
Sat-Sun Brunch: 7a-4p $23.95

The Buffet
Breakfast: 7:30a-11a $22.99
Lunch: 11a-3:30p $25.99
Dinner: 3:30p-9:30p $39.99-$43.99
Sat-Sun Brunch: 7:30a-3:30p $33.99

It’s now one of the party-places for young, cheap-booze loving crowds, but also for anybody seeking to be in the very heart of the budget-party atmosphere provided by downtown Vegas (especially on weekends) and who does not mind sleeping through loud chaos or… Not sleeping at all 🙂

Well known as a mainstay of affordable excess in Sin City, the casino buffets in recent years have improved their quality and diversity to a level that would make most chefs' heads spin: 2,800. The D Las Vegas Hotel offers a place to unwind and rooms that provide an escape from all the noise of the city. The hotel is 34-stories high with 629 deluxe rooms that are decorated with a sleek, modern style while embracing notes of vintage Vegas. The D Casino does not have a Buffet, click for other options: D Casino Hotel Official Website: HISTORY 'The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel (formerly known as Fitzgeralds Casino & Hotel) is a 34-story, 638-room hotel and casino in Downtown Las Vegas Nevada, owned and operated by Derek and Greg Stevens.' 'The D is located at the eastern end of the.

In Vegas there’s been shift in focus, for some time now, away from gamblers of all ages towards young, alcohol-driven, party crowds; this has changed what Vegas offers, from food to amenities, and it’s particularly the case for many low to mid range ‘resorts’ such as the D.

The d casino buffet

The D, remodeled from the almost historical days days when it used to be the Fitzgerald’s, now boasts impressive bars, some of the cheapest alcoholic drinks in town, dancing dealers on high-traffic times, ‘table’ dancers and… A lot of very loud music. If you are young and want to party on a budget on Fremont Street, this hotel is a strong contender… Provided you book low-traffic dates since, if you don’t, the D can become expensive and I’d say probably not value for money (in which case you may want to consider other options).

Rooms. Relatively small but not uncomfortably so, decently remodeled in the now typical mid-range tones of dark wood and white linen, with the basic underlying color being a strong red: not the most soothing color scheme but then, as we already mentioned, you probably should not come to the D hotel if you intend to rest at night (especially on super noisy weekend). The overall decor is on a par with most budget resorts recently remodeled in Vegas; there is no real soundproofing between rooms (but this is unfortunately also the case of many low to mid-range Strip resorts); the Internet, though part of the steep resort fee, is rather slow and unreliable; the air conditioning is somewhat loud and old-style (but this is the case with several downtown Vegas resorts – including many of the rooms at Golden Nugget – and indeed a large number of resorts, except for the higher-end ones), though at least it works!


Some of the rooms offer great views of the area but a significant number of them are spoiled by the tinted windows (with ‘grainy’ texture or advertising panels), though this aspect is not entirely unique to the D (I also found it at the otherwise very pleasant Tropicana resort).

The bathroom size is good though – in the standard rooms – it needs further updating; the fixtures & the plumbing could use serious maintenance (though at least we never encountered the strange smell we encountered in the budget rooms at the Golden Nugget).

Amenities. They are basic: a small pool, several restaurants, from the popular ‘Andiamo’ (Italian) to McDonald’s; basic Internet and no gym. To me, a ‘resort’ charging a fee as high as 20 dollars should have more and better amenities than these, including a decent gym.

Coeur D'alene Casino Buffet

What typifies the D and confirms its bastion ‘themes’ are its 3 feature bars: the unmissable, super long casino bar in Las Vegas (from side to side); the D bar (located outside, right on Fremont Street) with extravagant bartenders, specialty frozen drinks and (on busy nights) a couple of go-go dancers; the Vue bar, an upstairs patio with indoor seating, video poker, overlooking Fremont Street. In summary, the D hotel has a bar for all preferences!

Location: right on Fremont Street, ideal for those who want to step out of their room and immediately find themselves in the heart of the action, which is not necessarily suitable to all Vegas visitors. It can be unbearably loud on busy nights and, generally, it’s very close to the screams from the Zip Line; however, if you face Fremont Street no hotel room can save you from the loud live band of busy nights noise and, presumably, you don’t care. If you are noise-sensitive you are better off booking a back room at the super affordable Plaza or even a ‘back room’ at Golden Nugget or even the (partially remodeled) super affordable El Cortez (if you don’t mind the very short walking distance to Fremont Street)

There have been people who said that they felt security was as good as it should be and that the elevators are far too slow. It’s not been our experience.

We have a video walkthrough of the D.

The D Casino Buffet

In summary: if you book on a cheap night with no interest in real amenities and street-party-hungry, you’ll be happy here; but if you book on an expensive night you will probably think you did not get enough for the money spent. If you want to stay in downtown Vegas, check our affordable yet good downtown hotels page.