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The Casio QV-10 is a digital point and shoot camera released by Casio in 1995.

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Even with a paltry resolution of 320 x 240 dots, the QV-10 consistently comes up on lists and polls of the “most important” digital cameras of all time.

And the reason for that is simply because the QV-10 is considered the first digital camera with an LCD on it. Wow, why didn’t anyone think of that?! 🙂

All kidding aside, I’m sure someone must have, but the ever quirky and interesting Casio, better known for their watches, were the first to put one on a mass market consumer digital camera and as you know, that back LCD changed digital cameras forever.

The back LCD of the Casio QV-10. A feature that has become standard on all digital cameras and as the first camera to feature an LCD for composition and playback, it is the LCD that made the QV-1o a Camera Legend.

As a camera, the QV-10 features a 5.2mm (60mm full frame equivalent) f/2.8 lens that swivels, another innovation in 1995. The revolutionary LCD viewing screen is a 1.8 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 61,380 pixels.

The camera runs on four AA batteries and stores about 96 images on the built in 2mb flash memory.

You need a special serial cable to transfer these images, and with today’s technology, you probably need an adapter too for viewing these low resolution images.

I don’t have one unfortunately, but trust me, viewing these super low resolution images would simply be fun for novelty and nothing else.

If seeking one of these, be aware that there is a QV-10A and QV-10B. I couldn’t find much about the differences, if any, online. Just know that the QV-10A is the one you want for camera collecting purposes.

Prices on these are trending at $10-60 and the only place I’ve ever seen them is on eBay. While not particularly valuable monetarily, they are somewhat rare, but they do show up sporadically.

The Casio QV-10 was the first digital camera to feature an LCD that could be used to compose and playback pictures. This is a feature that has become standard and expected on all digital cameras. As a pioneering camera in the history of digital photography, the first to implement the now essential digital camera LCD, the Casio QV-10 is without hesitation a Camera Legend.



Some new and exciting Leica lenses have been released! They are:

Casio Qv-120



Casio Qv-120


Casio Qv 10a


Casio Lcd Digital Camera Qv 120

For any Leica M shooter, this is awesome stuff!