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Digital pianos and keyboards are usually sturdy instruments that will provide years of joy and entertainment if properly maintained. But there are occasions when things go wrong and you must get it repaired. The most common problems with digital pianos are:

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  • Broken or sticky keys
  • A keyboard that won’t switch on
  • No volume or uneven tone
  • LCD is broken,cracked or won’t light up

In many cases, the repairs are fairly simple in nature, and can be completed quickly. However, remember that pianos are delicate by nature, and by applying too much pressure trying to fix it yourself could actually do more damage than good. If you bend or break a contact beyond repair, a new contact board will be required. And if the new part is no longer available, it could mean having to purchase a new instrument instead.


If the problem is a contact issue – some of the notes won’t play, or the volume is uneven or too loud – it’s a sign the contacts need to be cleaned. Most contacts are made of graphite, and a proper cleaning will generally solve the problem. Avoid using WD40 or any other chemical cleaner as they can do more harm than good.

If your piano is freezing, locking, or simply won’t turn on properly, it could need a simple rebooting. Check out the “initialize” or “factory reset” procedure in your user manual, or check on the manufacturers website for more detail. Do not attempt to reset if you have saved your own songs, styles, etc, without saving the data first, as it will restore operation to factory default.

[As a helpful reminder, it is good to regularly backup your work on to your computer or an external storage unit, especially if you save on a regular basis.]

When in doubt, the best solution is to bring your piano in to a reputable piano dealer for repair. Because most manufacturers void the warranty if work isn’t performed correctly, its easy to quickly do damage beyond repair. That can be a costly mistake, especially if it ends up requiring a new piano instead.


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SKU: KBST45Category: Accessories & StandsDescription

Heavy Duty welded construction
Double X-Brace design
“Squeeze & Go” single finger lever action height adjustment and locking mechanism
Fully adjustable
Moveable silicon grips to secure any size keyboard or digital piano
Load rated to a massive 50kg
Colourful presentation box
SCM exclusive two year warranty!

Hundreds of thousands of Aussie customers trust

This is Australia’s best Keyboard Stand Deal by a country mile.

Yes, it can be confusing…online sellers offering brands that you have never heard of at what appear to be cheap prices…they aren’t so cheap though when your stand collapses and your precious digital piano or portable keyboard falls to the ground and is broken. We can also buy and sell those stands but choose not too and for good reason.

Designed by Casio Australia’s team, the KBST45 is a genuine heavy duty keyboard stand. With an rrp of $89.95 it normally sells for around $70 to $79.

So, how about $49.00 flat – including delivery to your door!

This is the stand that you buy once and forget about. You put your keyboard on it, you take it off, you put it back on…there’s not much else to think about.


The Casio KBST45 is a genuine double braced keyboard stand and features precision welded construction. The “squeeze and go” single finger height and widthe adjustment takes the finger pinching pain of lesser designs right out of the equation. It is fully adjustable and folds flat for easy storage and even easier transport! The Casio KBST45 is the perfect stand for your portable keyboard or Digital Stage Piano.

The Casio KBST45 offers maximum flexibility and support for any situation. It is a fabulous keyboard stand for schools and keyboard music labs. We won’t go so far as to claim that it’s student proof but our exclusive SCM two year warranty should give you some confidence.

We should also mention that the Casio KBST45 is capable of more than keyboard duties…DJ’s use them for their roadcased decks and sound guys use them to support their mixers. Versatile with a capital “V”!

Despite the quantities shown, we have hundreds of these stands ready for immediate sale. Spend your money once…call us now!

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