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  1. Find the best Casio, Electronic Keyboard CTK-2500 Online in India at competitive prices. Best Prices Quick Delivery Quality Assured.
  2. Casio CTX-700 Keyboard is 61 keys and it has new built in Aix system which makes it sell faster. This is Available for Best Price in India only on Music Stores.

It comes with a host of out-of-the-world features. It sounds from a powerful AiX Sound source. This magical home keyboard is readily available online for you to buy at very low prices here in India. The Casio CT X700 Standard Electric Keyboard features 61 standard size keys that are touch sensitive to 3 different types.

KeyboardCasio Keyboard Online India

Online keyboard classes India at Music Circle

Online Keyboard/Piano Classes for all. Please visit for more info.

Keyboard classes can be fun since you have so many built in tones to set up different moods.You can learn as a hobby or do grades from Trinity College of London or ABRSM under our guidance.And eventually if you have the desire then you can learn popular genres like Rock,Pop etc too.

Online Keyboard piano/keyboard lessons for all between 4 yrs – as long as fingers move at will. Music Circle offers Online keyboard and piano lessons via video calling platforms like Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp etc from India. WE offer Trinity College Of London, ABRSM and L.C.M. Certification courses along side general courses and hobby courses covering Bollywood, Rabindra Sangeet, other Regional music.

Students from Different parts of the world like U.S. U.K. Canada Australia Germany Singapore and India are successfully learning from us online.

Preview of How Skype/ Online Keyboard lessons work

A brief introduction to Keyboard classes at Music Circle

Buy Casio Keyboard Online India

One on One Keyboard/Piano Classes online for maximum benefit of the students

Casio Keyboard Online India Pakistan

At Music Circle we conduct Online keyboard classes as well as offline classes at the institute. The classes are based on the requirement of the students as we believe each and every student is unique and it’s the teacher’s duty to devise the best possible plans to help the students grow based on their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Age is just a number since the youngest student we taught at Music Circle is around 4 years old and the oldest student we had taught was a Lady of 68 years. We believe we can help the students learn based on their willingness to learn and practice rather than considering their age. Learning Music is a long term thing like any other art form and it takes time and there is no shortcut or over night success.

Online Keyboard lessons via skype

We offer online keyboard and piano lessons via skype to students who want to learn seriously in order to pursue music professionally or to those who want to learn as a hobby.

Who can learn Keyboard online via skype ??

Age is never an obstacle but lack of will and passion always is. These days we are happy to see more people residing abroad in the U.S. or U.K. or any other part of the world who find it easy and affordable to learn at the comfort of their home, reaching out to us. And the above mentioned people I am talking about are ones who are between 40 to 70 years of age, who want to fulfill their long lost dreams.

At our Academy there is no dearth of kids learning from abroad because Indian parents always want to introduce their children to their roots and in this process naturally the requirement for Indian or Bollywood music lessons are always felt by them. However we feel it’s a good sign for a healthier society when we see older generation is also enthusiastically trying to learn music and trying to find happiness away from the material realms on this planet.

Those who have buried their dreams of learning music long ago should checkout the video below in order to find a ray of HOPE again.

Casio Keyboard Online India Typing Test

Music Circle ( Pune and Kolkata)

Music Circle conducts guitar keyboard violin drums harmonica classes in Pune and Kolkata ( easily accessible from Newtown Saltlake Ruby Kasba Lake Town Kolkata ) n online via skype.

Online Guitar Lessons Preview

Casio keyboard online india online

Music Circle Intro Video – Join Music Classes in Pune, Kolkata/Skype

Join our Institute for online /offline music classes

Learn guitar Keyboard Violin Drums harmonica via skype and in India.

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