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Let’s face it. Streaming is one of the most trending topics in the world of UK online casinos. New channels keep propping up. That means there are hundreds of Twitch casino videos from tons of channels to watch.

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But if you’re like most people, you love watching relatable broadcasters. You also want to laugh, witness the ups and downs of a streamer and not just their biggest wins. Luckily, that’s what our YouTube casino videos are all about.

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Not only do we post high-quality casino content, but we also make you laugh while at it. In other words, our channels are places where you can escape the mysteries of life and unwind when you have a couple of hours to spare.

To expound more, here’s what to expect from our channels:

  • Fresh casino slot videos daily
  • Interactive sessions with our fans
  • Light-hearted roasts among our streamers
  • Lots of stories about gambling and life
  • Free bonuses weekly
  • Tournaments with rewards

Watch us Stream on a Daily Basis

So, you have a couple of free hours after work? Check-in at our Twitch and YouTube channels to have fun with us. That’s right. Share the delight of playing slots us. Discover how we pick new games, use bonuses, and deal with cold machines.

New 2020 casino videos youtube

We stream new video content daily, from Monday to Sunday. So, subscribe and turn on your notification to get an alert when we start our broadcasts. You can also send us suggestions or questions, and we shall answer them during our broadcasts. Our channels are all about entertaining our communities, and this dates back to when we launched our channels.

When we started our Twitch channel, the first twenty subscribers were all subscribed members of Fruity Slots. And they’ve been supporting us throughout out streaming journey. As such, the reason we broadcast content daily is because of our fans.

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We believe live casino slot videos are like unscripted, reality TV shows. They are only as exciting as the people hosting them. If it’s a boring host, you won’t enjoy the broadcast no matter how good the content is.

New Slot Videos 2020

That’s the main reason we enjoy interacting without fans daily. We love learning from them so that we can deliver high-quality content every time we make a broadcast.

Twitch Casino Videos

Three streamers, 7,900 followers, 300 videos, and countless memories made: welcome to our Twitch Casino videos. We have one of the fastest-growing channels, with hundreds of new subscribers monthly.

For the uninitiated, Twitch is the granddaddy of all online games’ streaming. It’s a pioneer in this industry and home to the largest gaming community. To provide more context, over one million visit the website daily to watch gaming content.


Twitch is your go-to website for viewing all kinds of gaming content. As such, it’s not all about casinos. Quite the contrary, video game content dominates the platform. So, if you’re a fan of all sorts of games, it’s a treasure box jam-packed with gaming content.

With that in mind, Twitch is an excellent place for casino players and fans to interact. It provides an ideal platform to enjoy casino content through videos. That means you can have fun watching our broadcasters playing your favourite and best online slots. You can then comment, ask questions, and share your contributions with us.

Youtube Live Casino Videos

YouTube Casino Videos

Not everyone is on Twitch. But nearly everyone with a smartphone watches videos on YouTube. It’s a lot more popular with non-gaming people, but there’s also a vast number of people who prefer to watch casino slot videos on YouTube.

That’s the reason we spend as much time on our YouTube channel as we do on Twitch. We have a community of 27,000 subscribers, most of whom watch our broadcasts religiously. They are exceedingly communicative. So, if you’re looking for a YouTube channel with interactive members, join Fruity Slots.

This is probably obvious, but our YouTube channel is run by the same people you will find on Twitch. That means you can expect their funny commentary, their roasts, and challenges as they try different slots. Sometimes they also give out bonuses. As such, ensure you participate in our live broadcasts as often as you can.