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Casino Royale is an excellent Bond film, and the first one featuring Daniel Craig. Perhaps to announce a grittier 007, the late Chris Cornell was brought things into grunge things up. When Sonic the Hedgehog finally debuted in early 2020, the more faithful depiction and Jim Carrey's engrossing performance as the live-action tale's villain, Dr. Robotnik, propelled the film to surprising success, this despite a rather pointless screenplay as one might expect. Sonic arrives on Earth (Green Hills exists in Montana, oddly. ' Casino Night Zone (OST Version) - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ' is a high quality rip of the OST Version of the song 'Casino Night Zone' from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

@lambert-adam-932388877 yea this game is great

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@user-469140954 The story was pretty lackluster I felt, along with the Infinite-is-very-edgy-character thing just being cliché. Things felt rushed. Many people complained about the game being too easy. It just didn't live up to other sonic standards

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sonic forced is scrutinized for its lack of innovation. i do think forces is a solid game, its potential just isnt done enough justice imo

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@user-469140954 Because it didn’t hold up to the actually good boost games. It’s not bad, just mediocre. The worst thing a Sonic game can do is be boring, and at least for me, that’s what forces is.

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@user-469140954 i dont know. Its a good game.

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Sonic Casino Theme

Sonic casino night music

I dont know why people think this game is bad

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Listening to this with only your left headphone makes the song both kinda cool and uncomplete

Sonic Casino Music

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fridge yes

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babudum babudum babududum

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Sonic Casino Night

this song is pretty good so is this game

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Sonic is a 90s icon, and so was Inspector Gadget. So that's why it sounds like it. Same with Chemical Plant and Eye of the Tiger.

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Sonic Casino Song

god damn it sounds like inspector gadget in the beginning...neat