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The first pit stop in Las Vegas for most visitors is usually a casino. Whether you are an experienced player on the casino floor or just starting, slot machines are the most profitable and entertaining games available.

Slot machines have proven to be popular among players time and time again. Casinos and other entertainment facilities are profiting tremendously from the revenues collected from slots.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board reports that the Las Vegas Strip contained over 160,000 slot machines in 40 different locations in 2019, generating revenues reaching almost $270 million per month.

While these numbers are beneficial to the establishments and their operators, slot machines are also known to be the most profitable game in a casino for the user.

Slot machines, on average, have an RTP, or return to player, between 75% and 98%; in other words, for every dollar a player spends, the slot machine will yield about 75 to 98 cents right into their pocket.

Even with the high RTP and revenue, Las Vegas and other cities famous for their casinos fill their halls with slot machines because anyone can press a button.

Commitment is never a priority; the player can put down a small individual bet. A poker face is never required, neither is real skill, to win big.

However, research is still encouraged to profit off of slot machines at the highest level, such as reading on user experience on specific games and reading the RTP at each Las Vegas casino.

Return to player is perhaps the most critical factor in picking the best slot to play in Vegas. The higher the RTP percentage, the more likely the slot will payout.

An amateur way to discover a slot’s RTP percentage is to test it with a bet. If a slot claims to have a 94% payout, then after a $100 bet, the payback would equate to about $94. While this may seem straightforward, this method does not fit every player.

Checking message boards and online threads, as well as comparison sites containing slots reviews, are a great way to find the best slots in Vegas. Notable websites encourage players to share their experiences with slot machines; most of their reviews focus on the amount of cash they get to keep after playing.

Another tip to finding one of the better slots offered in Las Vegas is to look for promotions. By signing up to the casino’s player’s club, customers can access unique games, receive free slot plays, and gain eligibility to have freebies on their next visit.

Casino News In Las Vegas Today

Benefits are significant, especially when the rounds on the slot machines are free, increasing the already high payout.

The most profitable slots are coined as “loose slots” because they pay out the most amount of money to the player and are thus very desirable among customers.

A feature of profitable slot machines called “progressive jackpots” has become a popular way to transform a couple of hundred bucks to millions.

Progressive jackpots offer prize money compared to the national lottery games, which can easily make a millionaire in a single evening.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the dollar slots pay back an average of 95% of receipts, 25 cent slots payout 93% on average, and 5 cent slots give back 90% to the players.

The payout from slots at the downtown or other off-Strip locations is one or two percent higher than those on the Strip. Hotel-casinos frequented by locals, such as Sam’s Town, pay better than the tourist hotels in the city. Nevada residents well know that fact when they consider which facilities contain the best slots in Vegas.

Moreover, the newer and more luxurious hotels are known for having the overall poorest RTP percentages.

Some of those hotels include the Bellagio, Venetian, Mandalay Bay, and the new Wynn Las Vegas. Since the amenities of these hotels are off the charts, slot machines do not have to be the most profitable asset (at least to the player).

However, some of these lavish hotels offer great prizes and entertainment that makes a higher payout from the slot machine. The Bellagio, for example, provides a slot tournament with 2,300 games as options. From jackpots and progressive features, the Bellagio slot machines can grow small bets into millions.

Generally, the best slots in Vegas are located in the older properties of the North Strip.

Slot machines may look flashy and modern, especially themed slots, but that does not mean they have the highest payout. The more traditional and old-looking games may be a better money’s worth.

Much like the endorphin rush of a “win,” a good-looking slot machine can trick the brain chemistry into wagering more money than intended. With that in mind, a simple-looking slot should be considered to help players gamble responsibly and win big.

Rather than always playing Star Wars or Avengers slot machines, players should have an eye out for the more dated and less appealing slot machines available on the casino floor. Many of them have substantial RTP rates and have stood the test of time.

One of these seemingly unappreciated slots is housed in Slots-a-Fun at Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. The selection includes classics, such as “Double Diamond” and “Red, White, and Blue.” Although they are not the flashiest, they are the best slots in Vegas.

Slots-a-Fun is a classic and exclusive casino that incorporates slot machines paired with an arcade, pool tables, bowling, and other forms of entertainment. Their slots have been proven time and time again as the machines to make the next big Vegas winner.

As mentioned before, these slots are not located conveniently for the tourists on the Strip. A general rule of thumb to follow: the more touristy the casino, the lower the payback on the slot machines.

While the Las Vegas Strip has a win percentage of about 8%, the slots in Reno and Boulder have a more generous casino wins of around 5%.

Some of the casinos located in Reno, Boulder, and North Vegas include Eastside Cannery, Sunset Station, M Resort, Jerry’s Nugget, Texas Station, and Boulder Station.

Geographical location should not be the only consideration when looking for great slots. Some veteran gamblers and websites claim that corners within a specific casino itself have some of the better slot machines.

High traffic areas, such as near elevators, a front desk, aisles, showrooms, registration areas, etc., contain the loosest slots in the casino.

Some people do not even have to go to a casino to access a slot machine. An entertainment facility is perhaps the unrivaled source to use for the best slots in Vegas.

Airports, convenience stores, and grocery stores are the first locations to avoid playing slot machines. Even though the majority are in clean and well-run establishments, they do not offer significant returns with their slot machines.

What these three different places have in common is that under Nevada law the slot machines in airports, convenience stores, and grocery stores are entirely controlled by large corporations.

With that in mind, it should not be surprising that the slot machines in these facilities provide a much lower payout percentage than the typical slot found in a Las Vegas casino.

Even though convenience store owners can obtain a lease or purchase of slot machines, the Nevada law changed in favor of larger corporations having control over the slots and their payouts.

Nevada grocery stores are the only place that can legally provide slot machines because they have leased the space through a larger company. Although they can offer marginally better odds than the former two, grocery stores should still be avoided when it comes to slot machines.

The loosest slot machines in the past 12 months have been Megabucks and penny slots. Megabucks had the tightest slots at over 11% casino win percentage. Penny slots are the most popular denomination, even though their win percentage is not the most generous.

Megabucks offers some of the best slots in Vegas with the highest winnings. In 2014, a man playing a Megabucks slot machine in Rampart Casino hit a $14 million jackpot after playing for five minutes on a $20 bill when the slot paid off.

This payout is not the only one from a Megabucks machine. Megabucks has produced life-changing jackpots for multiple players for over two decades.

Las Vegas Casino News Today

Their slogan markets the casino’s accomplishments perfectly: “Dream big. Win big”. Even with players only spending a $1 for a spin, there is always a chance of the jackpot prize of $10 million.

In addition to Megabucks and Slots-a-Fun, there are plenty of casinos offering some of the best slots available in Las Vegas.

Many websites report O’Shea’s, Stardust, and older casinos located on the north side of the Strip as the places to visit for great and profitable slot machine winnings.

The casino nearest to offering the loosest slots in Las Vegas is Palms resort, which has an average game payout percentage of about 94%.

Lower payout slot machines also have distinct locations on the casino floor. Some of those include the leading slot machine on the floor, those near the table games, and close to the poker room. Since all of these areas have too much action, either from different games or other slots, the RTP does not have to be too high.

Furthermore, it is better to be aware of which specific slot machines should be avoided. The reason behind it is the exact opposite as to why the already mentioned slots are the best: the worst slots have a low percentage of payback.

Several slots have unfortunately been added to the universal list of worst slots found in Las Vegas, such as Wish Upon a Jackpot by Blueprint Gaming, Adventures in Wonderland by Ash Gaming, and King Kong by Cryptologic due to their low RTP.

Different software companies specializing in slot machines have reputations that reflect off of the RTP’s. While some developments have been mentioned before for their low percentage payback, others are renowned for their slots having high RTP rates.

Playtech is one of the more famous software companies that develop successful and popular slot machines located in Las Vegas casinos. Games created by this company include: Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga, and Ocean Princess. All offer reputable and above-average percentage payouts.

Other software companies known for distributing slots with high paybacks are Barcrest, WMS, and NetEnt.

In addition to Palms Casino and Resort, there are other casinos in Las Vegas that have multiple slots maintaining an above-average payout.

Fitzgerald’s Casino and Hotel has established a favorable reputation for offering the loosest slots in downtown Las Vegas. Ranked regularly, the machines in Fitzgerald’s that are given the best paybacks include reel, penny, and progressive slots.

Casino news in vegas odds

Slot machines are incredibly entertaining, easy, and a great reason to visit a Las Vegas casino.

Although research is essential, in-depth research is not necessary unless you are wagering a significant amount of money. Specific slot machines should be sought out to cash in millions, which has been proven to be possible within five minutes of playing.

The different themes, bonuses, promotions, and prizes, prevent slot machines from ever becoming boring. For some lucky few, a slot will transform a single $5 bill to $5 million or more than that colossal amount.

With the press of a button, a slot machine can make an average player into a millionaire, or give the customer an affordable and responsible amount of fun on the Las Vegas casino floor.

With some of these tips that differentiate the better slots in Las Vegas, slot machines can become more of a calculated game than intended.

Overall, Vegas is the numero uno destination to play slots in the United States. The key is to be wise and risk only as much as you can afford to lose.

It is essential to ask around and try some old slots that have a proven track record of wins. Don’t just be impressed with design and wager money in the excitement!

There are quite a few Las Vegas podcasts, but there’s one that’s quickly become one of our favorites, and from a surprising source: Downtown’s Plaza casino.

The show, On the Corner of Main Street, just released its 30th episode, and the show has already had some fascinating guests, including its most fascinating, us.

Yes, we talked to them about the name. Apparently, “we are not the boss of them.”

There are several reasons Plaza’s podcast is so good.

First, the casino’s CEO, Jonathan Jossel, is one of the co-hosts.


The other co-hosts are Plaza staffers Lisa Melmed (Marketing Manager) and Gary Vickery (Director of Hotel Operations). Russell Aaron also co-hosted several early episodes.

Jossel can obviously share insights into the world of Las Vegas others can’t, but he also knows a lot of people and that pull means the show’s guests are top notch. Our appearance notwithstanding.

The eclectic line-up of guests have included Ross Mollison, producer of “Absinthe” and other hit shows; Clark County Metro Sheriff Joseph Lombardo; El Cortez CEO Mike Nolan; Circa owner Derek Stevens; Neon Museum CEO Rob McCoy; South Point General Manager Ryan Growney; Mob Museum CEO Jonathan Ullman, former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman (pictured below) and the list goes on and on.

Oscar Goodman at left, Jonathan Jossel right, in the “Back to the Future” vest. Long story.

Our episode was #10, in case you’re suffering from insomnia.

Plaza’s podcast doesn’t balk at inviting “competitors” on. Can you imagine MGM Resorts or Caesars Entertainment inviting representatives from the other company on their podcasts?

Of course you can’t. They don’t have podcasts. Because they’re missing the boat.

Well, Plaza is rocking the boat, and other casinos had better pay attention.

Another reason Plaza’s podcast is awesome is it’s honest. The hosts, and especially Jonathan Jossel, don’t dance around sensitive subjects. Anything awkward, about Plaza or Las Vegas, is approached head-on.

The show avoids many of the traps corporate podcasts make. Primarily, the show isn’t selling anything.

This is the art of marketing without marketing, and it’s the future. Provide value and people will reward your efforts with their business and loyalty.

People don’t trust advertising anymore, they trust podcasts and blogs. People are awesome.

Each episode of the Plaza’s podcast is a treasure trove of Las Vegas trivia, insights into the casino business and a deep dive into the buzz about downtown Las Vegas.

Every episode is filled with absolute gold you won’t hear anywhere else, like the fact Plaza wanted to be the home of “Puppetry of the Penis.”

In episode 28, guest Patrick McNeil of Faile, shares insider gems about how Plaza ended up with its big-ass murals.

Another sweet tidbit (episode 27): Prior to the sale of Las Vegas Club (owned by the same company that owns Plaza, Tamares Group), there was a plan to create a Spiegelworld Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Club site. Spiegelworld is the company that produces the aforementioned “Absinthe,” as well as “Atomic Saloon” and “Opium.”

What might have been.

That time during the Las Vegas Club demolition when there was an explosion of cheerleader uniforms.

We also learned (episode 25) the Greyhound station at Plaza has consistently been the biggest source of Metro calls in all of Clark County and Jonathan Jossel can’t wait to give them the boot.

Guest Mike Nolan (episode 23) shared a story about how El Cortez owner Jackie Gaughan used to keep gas and jumper cables in his car to assist guests in need.

Casino News In Las Vegas

Another recent guest (episode 29), Michael Parks of CBRE (a real estate company involved with all the biggest Las Vegas casino sales), shared the latest about trying to sell Tropicana. Parks also says leaks about casino sales are tricky and confidentiality is “vital.” We are so proud our scoop is one of the causes of such discomfort.

Also in that episode, Jossel shares there was a plan to convert the Las Vegas Club into residential and retail. The plan included a CVS, which presumably inspired Derek Stevens to buy the hotel to make way for his recently-opened casino, Circa Las Vegas.

The show’s co-hosts have spoken candidly about the challenges of the pandemic, and a wide range of other topics other (lesser) corporate podcasts would avoid or gloss over.

Plaza’s podcast doesn’t have to dodge anything or run its content through some P.R. filter. The CEO is on the flipping show, and he says what’s on his mind. (The accent is mostly British, by the way. Jossel grew up in the U.K.)

Random shout-out to Pop Up Pizza at Plaza, a hidden gem.

The revelations are seemingly endless, and every new installment brings new jaw-droppers. The conversations are lively, often funny and always entertaining.

Plaza’s podcast joins our list of favorites, including 360 Vegas Podcast, Tipping the Odds Las Vegas, Vegas Never Sleeps and others.

Vegas podcasts are a great way to stay connected to Las Vegas even when you’re not in Las Vegas, so tune into Plaza’s “On the Corner of Main Street” podcast. Find it on the Apples and elsewhere. Or download or stream or whatever weird thing you’re into. Trust us, “tuning in” used to be a thing.

Just go earbud something, already!