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Poker is a fun card game which is widely played by just about everyone. There are many different ways of playing poker but the most common is probably Texas Holdem. I find Texas Holdem to be a fun game but I'd much rather play 5 Card Draw. This game is fun and easy to learn.

The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with poker hands. Check out this handy poker hands cheat sheet. Number 1, a Royal Flush is the best hand that you can get. I've heard this getting this hand is like seeing a mythical unicorn. At the bottom, Number 10, a high card is the lowest hand that you can get. When I play I get Four of a Kind, a Flush and Straights a lot.

To play you need a deck of 52-cards. Jokers are wild meaning if you pull a joker this card can be anything you like. If you have 3 of a kind, you can better your hand by making it 4 of a kind. Each player gets 5 cards from the dealer. You look at your cards and decide which poker hand you are going to try for. You may throw away all cards but have to keep one. The dealer will give you new cards from the deck to replace the cards that you threw away. You do this one more time and whomever has the higher hand is the winner. Adding poker chips to the game makes it even more fun! Terms of Use - Our printable poker chips are copyrighted and may not be displayed or offered for download on any website other without permission. They are for your personal use only.

Our list of printable Poker Chips:

The poker chips are saved as Adobe PDF files. Open the poker chip templates up and print them out using your printer. Next cut the poker chips out of the page. Enjoy!

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Printable Las Vegas party supplies that you can use to create a fab & stylish looking celebration. This printable fabulous Las Vegas birthday kit is hand designed with black, red, & white colors for a cool completed look.

The Casino Chips and Gaming Tokens Collectors Club is a large national Chip Collecting Club that was founded in 1988. The Club has already enrolled over 7,500 members. Membership has many benefits. Throughout the country, there are many chip. Casino Chips Poker. Poker Cards Ace King. America Las Vegas Vegas. Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Playing Cards Poker. Casino chip production is handled by the security printing industry, which also makes things like checkbooks and credit cards. Every stage of manufacture, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished goods, is governed by strict security checks and protocols.

This Las Vegas party supplies pack is printable, and would be awesome looking when placed around themed featured party tables & guests areas. Solid color or matching balloons, table clothes, streamers, & other decorating accessories can be added to make this fun theme eye catching.

This casino party theme idea is made with card suites of spade, clubs, hearts, & diamonds. Creative casino cake graphics, casino chips, and playing cards are used throughout to create this theme.


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Casino Chips Printable

Non-Editable PDF File Includes 21 Pages Party Decor + 53 Banner Pages/Decor + Chip Treat Favor Bag + Instructions:

  1. 8.5x11 Inch banner letters A-Z, 0-9, th st nd rd
  2. 8.5x11 Inch Bunting Decor Flags 13 Designs
  3. Napkin Rings 1 Design
  4. Drink & bottle labels 3 Designs
  5. Food & Place Cards 1 Design
  6. 5 & 3 Inch party circle decoration 5 Designs
  7. Standard cone party hat 1 Design
  8. Mini cone bottle topper hats 2 Design
  9. 8x8 Inch Centerpiece & decoration circle 1 Design
  10. 5x8.5 Inch Treat/Chip Bag fits 1 oz packaged snacks & more!
  11. Snack & favor box 1 Design
  12. Candy bar wrapper party favor 1 Design
  13. Cupcake toppers / Tags 3 Designs
  14. 4.5x7 Inch Trifold/Flat invitations 1 Design
  15. Card Cutout Decoration1 Design
  16. 8.5x11 Inch party signage 6 Designs
  17. Casino card garland small cutouts

Full instructions included - Enjoy Unlimited Party Printing - Print as many as you need to style your party year after year. See Our Terms Of Use. Made for Personal Use Only for Decoration & Parties No Commercial Use

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