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Redemption and charging of tickets (TITO) CashIO validates the tickets with the casino online system and pays the respective amount to the customer. The customer does not have to see a cashier and can do the entire payout by himself. Redemption and charging of player cards. Casino chip production is handled by the security printing industry, which also makes things like checkbooks and credit cards. Every stage of manufacture, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the finished goods, is governed by strict security checks and protocols.

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Recognizing Suspicious Activity - Red Flags for Casinos and Card Clubs

This guidance is intended to assist casinos and card clubs1 with the reporting of suspected money laundering, terrorist financing and related financial crimes. This guidance contains examples of circumstances or 'red flags' - based on actual reports, the observations of examiners and the experience of law enforcement - that may indicate the presence of money laundering, terrorist financing, and related financial crimes.

Casinos that are subject to the federal Bank Secrecy Act ('BSA') have an obligation to implement anti-money laundering programs that include procedures for detecting and reporting suspicious transactions. Casinos are required to implement risk-based anti-money laundering programs that assist with the identification and reporting of suspicious transactions, including employee training and written procedures on recognizing and addressing indicia of suspicious activity and vulnerabilities that may arise in the provision of particular products and services. Recognizing Suspicious Customer Activity

Casino employees who monitor customer gaming activity or conduct transactions with customers are in a unique position to recognize transactions and activities that appear to have no legitimate purpose, are not usual for a specific player or type of players, or are not consistent with transactions involving wagering. Many casinos routinely obtain a great deal of information about their customers through deposit, credit, check cashing, player rating and slot club accounts. These accounts generally require casinos to obtain basic identification information about the accountholders and to inquire into the kinds of wagering activities in which the customer is likely to engage. Attempts to Evade BSA Reporting or Recordkeeping Requirements

Be alert to customers who try to keep their transactions just below the reporting or recordkeeping thresholds, such as:

  • Two or more customers each purchase chips with currency in amounts between $3,000 and $10,000, engage in minimal gaming, combine the chips (totaling in excess of $10,000), and one of them redeems the chips for a casino check.

  • A customer seeks to cash out chips, tickets or tokens in excess of $10,000, but when asked for identification for completing a CTRC, reduces the amount of chips or tokens to be cashed out to less than $10,000.

  • A customer pays off a large credit debt, such as markers or bad checks, of more than $20,000 over a short period of time (e.g., less than one week), through a series of currency transactions, none of which exceeds $10,000 in a gaming day.

  • A customer receives a race book or sports pool payout in excess of $10,000 and requests currency of less than $10,000 and the balance paid in chips. The customer then goes to the cage and redeems the remaining chips for currency in an amount that is less than the CTRC reporting threshold.

  • A customer, who is a big winner, enlists another individual (who is not a partner of the customer in the gaming activity), to cash out a portion of the chips or tokens won to avoid the filing of a CTRC, IRS Form W-2G or other tax forms.

  • A customer attempts to influence, bribe, corrupt, or conspire with an employee not to file CTRCs.

Using a Cage Solely for Its Banking-Like Financial Services

Be alert to customer activity involving unusual banking-like transactions at the cage, such as:

  • A customer wires funds derived from non-gaming proceeds, to or through a bank and/or a non-bank financial institution(s) located in a country that is not his/her residence or place of business.

  • A customer appears to use a casino account primarily as a temporary repository for funds by making frequent deposits into the account and, within a short period of time (e.g., one to two days), requests money transfers of all but a token amount to domestic or foreign-based bank accounts.

Minimal Gaming Activities Without Reasonable Explanations

Be alert to customers conducting large transactions on the floor with little or no related gaming activity and without reasonable explanation, such as:

  • A customer purchases a large amount of chips with currency at a table, engages in minimal gaming, and then redeems the chips for a casino check.

  • A customer draws casino markers (e.g., between $5,000 and $10,000) which he/she uses to purchase chips, engages in minimal or no gaming activity, and then pays off the markers in currency and subsequently redeems the chips for a casino check.

  • A customer makes a large deposit using numerous small denomination bills (e.g., $5s, $10s and $20s); and withdraws it in chips at a table game, engages in minimal gaming, and exchanges remaining chips at a cage for large denomination bills (e.g., $100), a casino check or a money transfer.

  • While reviewing computerized player rating records, an employee determines that a customer frequently purchases chips with currency between $5,000 and $10,000, engages in minimal gaming, and walks away with the chips.

  • A customer using a slot club account card inserts $2,990 of paper money (or an amount just below established thresholds) into a bill acceptor on a slot machine or video lottery terminal (e.g., contemporaneously inserting $5s, $10s and $20s), accumulating credits with minimal or no gaming activity, presses the 'cash out' button to obtain a ticket. The customer goes to three other machines and conducts the same activity for $2,990 at each machine. Then the customer redeems the tickets for large denomination bills or casino checks with different cage cashiers at different times in a gaming day.

  • A customer transfers funds to a casino for deposit into a front money account in excess of $5,000; and withdraws it in chips at a table game, engages in minimal or no gaming activity, and exchanges remaining chips at a cage for a casino check.

Unusual Transaction Characteristics or Activities

Be alert to transactions with any unusual characteristics, such as:

  • A pair of bettors frequently cover between them both sides of an even bet, such as:
    • - Betting both 'red and black' or 'odd and even' on roulette;
    • - Betting both with and against the bank in baccarat/mini-baccarat; or
    • - Betting the 'pass line' or 'come line' and the 'don't pass line' or 'don't come line' in craps; and,
    the aggregate amount of both bettors' total wagering is in excess of $5,000.
  • A customer routinely bets both sides of the same line for sporting events (i.e., betting both teams to win) and thus the amount of overall loss to the customer is minimal (known as hedging).

  • A customer requests the issuance of casino checks, each less than $3,000, which are made payable to third parties or checks without a specified payee.

  • A customer furnishes a legitimate type of identification document, in connection with the completion of a CTRC, or the opening of a deposit, credit or check cashing account, which:
    • - Does not match the customer's appearance (e.g., different age, height, eye color, sex); or
    • - Is false or altered (e.g., address changed, photograph substituted).
  • A customer presents information for the completion of CTRCs for different gaming days that contains conflicting identification information, such as:
    • - Different address or different spelling or numeration in address;
    • - Different state driver's license number; or
    • - Different social security number.
  • A customer makes large deposits or pays off large markers with multiple instruments (e.g., cashier's checks, money orders, traveler's checks, or foreign drafts) in amounts of less than $3,000.

  • A customer withdraws a large amount of funds (e.g., $30,000 or more) from a deposit account and requests that multiple casino checks be issued each of which is less than $10,000.

  • A customer arranges large money transfers out of the country which are paid for by multiple cashier's checks from different financial institutions in amounts under $10,000.

Criminal Activities

Be alert to a customer conducting illegal activity, such as:

  • A customer conducts transactions that the casino believes to be the result of some illegal activity or from an illegal source (e.g., narcotics trafficking).

  • A customer or a group of individuals forge signatures or use counterfeit business or personal checks to obtain currency, chips or tokens.

Questions or comments regarding the contents of this Guidance should be addressed to the FinCEN Regulatory Helpline at 800-949-2732.

1 See 31 U.S.C. § 5312(a)(2)(X) and 31 C.F.R. § 103.11(n)(5)(i) and (n)(6)(i). In this guidance, the term 'casino' is used to refer to casinos, card clubs and other gaming establishments that fall within the BSA and FinCEN's regulations, unless otherwise noted.


  • Redeeming Coupon Codes at Planet 7

Planet 7 Casino is among the most popular casinos online. It secures itself with a 256-bit encryption certificate and has received certification from Gaming Labs. This casino also offers a diverse gaming selection and helps members maximize their bankrolls with a wide range of promotions.

And now you can receive a $285 no deposit bonus free chip! This is the largest no deposit bonus we’ve ever heard of and you can cash in on it today when signing up to Planet 7!

Redeem all the promo codes listed below and learn how you can receive up to $600 in no deposit bonuses!

Redeeming Coupon Codes at Planet 7

You can redeem multiple no deposit bonus codes at Planet 7, but you can’t redeem them back-to-back. You must make a deposit in between the no deposit bonuses.

So below, we’ve listed the best Planet 7 no deposit coupon codes and deposit codes, and the suggested order of redemption. If you redeem all the promo codes listed below, you will receive $600 in no deposit bonuses!

Planet 7 Bonus CodePromotion DescriptionWagering Requirement
FALL285No Deposit Bonus - $285, Max Cashout = $28530x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker
CASINO400400% Deposit Bonus, Min Deposit $30, Max Deposit $1,000, No Max Cashout30x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker
TRYPLANET7No Deposit Bonus - $100, CASHABLE, No Max Cashout30x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker
LUCKYPATTY200% No Rules Bonus + 20 Free Spins, Min Deposit $50, Max Deposit Unlimited, CASHABLE1x, Slots/Keno Only
CLEO100No Deposit Bonus - $100, Restricted to Cleopatra's Gold Slot, CASHABLE, $100 Max Cashout30x Cleopatra's Gold Slot Only
DRAGON350350% Welcome Bonus + 55 Free Spins, CASHABLE5x Slots/Keno
65NDPNo Deposit Bonus - $65, CASHABLE, $100 Max Cashout30x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker
PLANET1400% Deposit Bonus up to $777, Redeemable up to 10 Times, Min Deposit $5030x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker
LETSPLAY50No Deposit Bonus - $5030x Slots/Keno, 60x Table Games/Video Poker

To get started, you must first register your new account. Then visit the Cashier to redeem your first no deposit coupon code.

From the Cashier, click the Bonuses tab, then click the Enter Code button.

Then type in the Coupon Code of choice. If it’s one of the no deposit bonus codes, you will receive your bonus immediately!

No Deposit Bonus Code: FALL285 – $285 Free Chip

Winter is coming! And Planet 7 Casino is celebrating it with a free chip worth an impressive $285. This bonus is available to people just signing up as well as those who already have accounts. Just enter the promotional code FALL285, which you can do through the website, the PC software or the mobile app. After entering the code, the casino will assign $285 in bonus money to your account.

You have access to all allowed games with this bonus money. The free chip is non-cashable, which means it’ll be deducted if you withdraw winnings derived from it. You can withdraw up to $285 in winnings, and any amount beyond that will be emptied at that time. In order to withdraw any winnings, you’ll first need to meet a wagering requirement. That requirement is initially 30 times, so 30 x $285 = $8,550. But it increases to 60 if you play video poker or any table games, so 60 x $285 = $17,100.

Deposit Bonus Code: CASINO400 – 400% Welcome Bonus

If you are new to Planet 7 Casino, you can claim a sign-up bonus that matches your initial deposit by 400 percent up to $4,000. What we generally recommend is opening your new account, claiming a free chip like the FALL285 offer discussed earlier and then making your first deposit with coupon code CASINO400. The deposit has to be at least $30, and the casino will match it by four times. So, you’ll get a $120 bonus if you deposit the minimum, and you’ll have to deposit $1,000 to max out the bonus.

The initial rollover requirement is 30 times the deposit plus the bonus. The requirement increases to 60 times if you choose to play tables games or video poker. Note that the increase is bonus-wide, so even if you just play one round of blackjack, 60x applies to the entire amount. The bonus is not cashable, but there is no limit to how much winnings you can derive from the bonus and withdraw.

No Deposit Bonus Code: TRYPLANET7 – $100 Free Chip

Casino chip redemption locations

Here is another no deposit bonus for you to claim. Note that you cannot claim no deposit bonuses one after another. The casino expects actual deposits in between. So, you could claim the FALL285 offer mentioned earlier, then take advantage of the CASINO400 sign-up offer and finally, claim this promotion by using the coupon code TYRYPLANET7. This code earns you a $100 free chip.

As with most bonuses at Planet 7 Casino, this offer does not have a cash-out restriction, but it does differ from that free chip code mentioned earlier in that it is cashable. That means that if you make a withdrawal of winnings derived from the free chip, the $100 bonus is not deducted. In order to make a withdrawal, you’ll have to meet a playthrough requirement that starts at 30 times the free chip or $3,000 and increases to 60 times or $6,000 if you play any table games or video poker machines.

Deposit Bonus Code: LUCKYPATTY – 200% No Rule Bonus + 20 Free Spins

This bonus is available to everyone, so if you’re new, you’re probably better off claiming a welcome bonuses and a couple of free chips before you use code LUCKYPATTY. What is a no rules bonus? No rules is the online casino industry’s way of telling you that the bonus is cashable, there is no limit to how much you can cash out and there is no rollover requirement.

You do have to deposit at least $50 to claim this offer. There is no maximum bonus enforced by the casino, but there will likely be a practical limit determined by the payment method you choose. There is technically a wagering requirement in that you have to play through the deposit and the bonus completely. But once you’ve done that, there are few other rules. It’s also worth mentioning that table games and video poker are off-limits for this promotion, which is technically a rule. But still, this is a great choice for those who enjoy slots and keno.

No Deposit Bonus Code: CLEO100 – $100 Free Chip

This free chip offer is similar to the TRYPLANET7 promotion discussed earlier but with one important difference. It restricts usage of the bonus money to Cleopatra’s Gold, which is a popular slot machine that you can access through a web browser, the mobile app or the PC client. The promotion is otherwise similar. Enter the code. Immediately receive $100 in bonus cash from Planet 7 Casino.

The rollover requirement is 30 times the free chip, so $3,000, and you can’t elevate it to 60 since you are limited to a particular slot machine. The free chip is cashable, so no deduction upon withdrawal, but a notable difference is that you are capped out at $100. That means that if you won $250, the casino will let you withdraw $100 but void the other $150 in the process.

Click here for the CLEO100 no deposit bonus offer.

Deposit Bonus Code: DRAGON350: 350% Welcome Bonus + 55 Free Spins

DRAGON350 is a welcome offer and an alternative to the CASINO400 offer covered earlier. You sacrifice 50 percent in match dollars—350 versus 400 percent—but gain 55 free spins plus a much reduced playthrough requirement. If you are a player who tends to play slots, keno and other games in that family, then this is a much more attractive option in our opinion.

Upon claiming this bonus, the first thing you’ll need to do is use the 55 free spins. You aren’t restricted to a particular game, but once you choose a slot, you’ll have to use all 55 spins before moving on. The wagering requirement is just five times the deposit, the match bonus and any winnings that you get from playing through the free spins. Beyond that, the bonus is cashable, and Planet 7 Casino does not limit how much you can win and withdraw from the bonus or the free spins.

No Deposit Bonus Code: 65NDP: $65 Free Chip

Planet 7 Casino makes many free chip offers available. Here is another. Use the code 65NDP at the cashier to have the casino deposit $65 in bonus money into your account right away. Be mindful that you cannot claim free offers, such as no deposit bonuses, consecutively. If your last bonus claimed was a free chip or similar, you’ll need to deposit cash with or without a promo offer first.

As with most of the bonuses we’ve discussed here, the offer is valid for table games. However, playing table games or video poker increases the rollover requirement from 30 to 60. Additionally, whenever Planet 7 Casino allows table games, there are still some games that are off-limits. These excluded games include baccarat, craps, pai gow poker, roulette, sic bo and War.

Deposit Bonus Code: PLANET1: Sign-Up Bonus Up to $7,777

Here is another welcome option. This one is a bit different in that it only matches your deposit by 100 percent up to $777, but you can use the code on your first 10 deposits! Is this a better or worse offer than CASINO400? It depends. For the high roller, CASINO400 is the easy choice. But if you are someone who deposits $50 a month, this promotion will serve you better in the long run.

You must deposit $50 each time you use the PLANET1 code. Each bonus you receive via this offer is not cashable, but there are no withdrawal limits. Note that whether or not a bonus is cashable is only a concern when withdrawing winnings. That obligation dissipates if you zero out your account. The rollover requirement starts at 30 times the deposit and bonus but can increase to 60 with game choices.

No Deposit Bonus Code: LETSPLAY50: $50 Free Chip

Here is another no deposit bonus from Planet 7 Casino, which is worth $50. Use the code LETSPLAY50 through the cashier. This bonus is valid for all allowed games, which means everything but baccarat, roulette and a few others. The initial playthrough requirement is 30x, but it can increase to 60x if video poker or table games are played.

The casino also offers LETSPLAY300 as part of this promotion. LETSPLAY300 is a sign-up that matches your bonus by 300 percent with no limit. There is a maximum cash-out of 10 times the bonus claimed, which we think makes the other welcome bonuses listed here a better option for most.

Play at Planet 7 Casino!

Get a $285 Free Chip No Deposit Bonus!


Find additional Planet7 no deposit bonus codes at

Planet 7 Casino has a downloadable client. Get the Planet 7 Casino download here.

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