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The government has now released its list of clinically vulnerable people who qualify for support during the coronavirus crisis. Supermarket bosses will have received this list and will be in the process of contacting their vulnerable customers to offer them priority booking for online shopping services. If you're a vulnerable person or live with someone who is, you may be looking for advice on what to do next regards grocery shopping. We've rounded up information from five major supermarkets to help…


Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Morrisons, Iceland and Waitrose - Here’s everything you need to know about Christmas delivery slots this year. READ MORE: Officials warn of possible flooding in.

Ok so it's my first time doing an Asda Christmas delivery but after ordering from Asda dozens of times I thought I was quite savvy. Booked my Christmas delivery slot as soon as they became available. Delivery due the 23rd. Plan was to update order this week now I have a better idea of numbers for Christmas dinner and what I need. Despite this, Asda is showing home delivery slots into December and beyond to Christmas, a huge step up from the first lockdown where the supermarket only showed the next seven days. New and existing Asda, Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose shoppers can all sign up for Christmas slots. When you can place bookings varies widely, although most slots are now available. When Christmas groceries will be delivered also varies, although most supermarkets will deliver up to and including Christmas Eve. ASDA (Nick Ansell/PA) ASDA shoppers are in with some luck this year as Christmas delivery slots are available up until one week before Christmas on December 18.

The latest information on Sainsbury's blog says: 'We are giving our customers who are vulnerable priority access to our online home delivery service. So far we’ve been able to identify and prioritise hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people across the UK.

'The government have identified and shared with us the customers who they consider the most vulnerable, and we’re in the process of contacting these customers to offer them priority access to home delivery slots. We are waiting for the databases for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and will contact vulnerable customers in those areas as soon as we are able.'

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Sainsbury's has a number to call if you haven't received a vulnerable person letter


How do I book a Sainsbury's home delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

You need to follow instructions from the text message or letter you received to register as vulnerable on the government's website. If you didn't get contacted, you can register at, and then contact your GP to request a letter. If you haven't been contacted by Sainsbury's already, then you should be soon.

There is a Sainsbury's phone number to call for the Careline should you need it. Understandably, Sainsbury's is currently experiencing high levels of demand for the service, but the number to call is 0800 328 1700 and is available Monday to Sunday 8am-11pm.


Tesco's CEO Dave Lewis said: 'On Thursday, we were given an initial list of 110,000 clinically and socially isolated people by the Government. From these, we were able to match 75,000 existing customers and we’ve already contacted them to let them know we’re making home delivery slots immediately available to them. As we receive more data from Government, we’ll make even more slots available.'

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Tesco has contacted its vulnerable customers

How do I book a Tesco delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

To book a slot, you need to go to and log in. Vulnerable customers can book a priority slot with an eight-hour window for delivery.


If you don't currently have an account with Tesco but have received a letter from the NHS because you're classified as clinically vulnerable, you can create an account on their website or call Tesco on 0800 917 7359. The store can then check if you are on the government's list.


A representative for Ocado told HELLO!: 'We have received the government’s vulnerable shield list and have cross-referenced it with our customer database to help support those in need. We have already identified our customers on the vulnerable list and reached out to offer them delivery slots with We will continue to do our part as the government updates its shield list.'

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You can reach Ocado on the 'Contact Us' section of their website

How do I book an Ocado delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

Follow the instructions you have received from Ocado's correspondence with you. If you haven't heard from the online supermarket, visit to register onto the government’s list. Ocado also suggests getting in touch with them using their 'Contact Us' online form.

Asda Home Delivery Christmas Slots Free


Asda Home Delivery Christmas Slots 2020

The Asda website says: 'We have been working closely with the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and some of our fellow supermarkets for the last couple of weeks to understand how to ensure essentials reach those with no support network.

Asda home delivery christmas slots 2019

'The data we’ve received from the UK Government has allowed us to email our customers to offer first access to delivery slots, ensuring they get what they need while they stay safe at home. We’re also working on similar programmes for customers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.'

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Asda priorities their most vulnerable customers

How do I book an Asda delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

A representative for Asda told HELLO!: 'People who’ve been identified on the government’s vulnerable person list will have received either an email or a letter and all the information they need is in there.'

In terms of booking a slot, Asda's website says: 'During this busy time we'll only show slots for the next 7 days to allow us to prioritise our most vulnerable customers.'


Asda Home Delivery Christmas Slots 2019

How do I book a Morrisons delivery slot for a vulnerable person?

Like other supermarkets, Morrison's vulnerable customers will have received communication from them about priority online booking. The store is adding a fast track queue system so its vulnerable customers can be prioritised.

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Morrisons is launching a telephone ordering service


Asda Home Delivery Christmas Slots Online

The chain has introduced other measures to help vulnerable customers too. On March 23, the store launched a new range of food boxes containing grocery and household essentials for home delivery. There are five variations of food box, with prices ranging from £30 to £45.

Morrisons is also launching a customer call centre for orders to be taken over the phone so that people who do not shop online can still order food. In the meantime, their online shopping customer number is 0345 322 0000.